“Why, then the world’s mine oyster.”

An Introduction to Technology Integration

Last year, Edutopia released an inspiring video that interviews teachers and students to show how technology makes learning fun and meaningful for kids because of this ability for students to create new media. In the words of a K-8 teacher, “when you are creating ownership of your learning…if you were able to translate the content into your own something to share…then that’s amazing.” One of the most incredible parts of incorporating technology into the classroom is the chance for students to understand how something they produce on their own can having meaning to someone across the globe. Technology has enabled people to connect to the world in the ways people had never imagined, and it is not only adults who are communicating with one another. Kids can now have an authentic audience for their work, and knowledge that it is not only the teacher who will be grading their papers. Rather, others who stumble across the content they create will read it and value it. Asim, a fifth grade student who uses technology in his classroom, notes with enthusiasm that there is a chance students around the world can get to see the videos he and his classmates are making. These fundamental transformations in learning are huge motivational boosts to kids, and helps increase academic outcomes.

Another interesting aspect of this video is how it highlights the role of the teacher and how that has shifted. According to one of the teachers interviewed, “the teacher is really a facilitator” who understands that students need to find enjoyment in their own learning.  As another teacher says, “it’s not about the mode of creation, it’s about the process and look on  [the students’] faces, the fact that they can stay focused, motivated and engaged.” Making learning enjoyable has been a task teachers have faced for centuries. While teachers can go quite far on their own in advancing educational aims, the aid of technology helps them take their goals even further.


Edutopia. (2012, December 12). An Introduction to Technology Integration [Video file]. Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d59eG1_Tt-Q


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