“To be, or not to be: that is the question.”

For my Education 130: Children’s Learning and Media final project, I decided to create this blog that will detail the doubts and debates about employing educational technology in K-12 classrooms. As an English major and Education minor working a current internship with an IT company, I am interested in understanding how implementing technological tools such as iPads, personal computers, and various educational video games can either inhibit or enhance the learning potential of students in a classroom setting.

In this blog, I will examine several videos and articles about educators who have ventured to use new technology in order to transform teaching and learning in the classroom. While I plan to present both the problems and the benefits of using edutechnology, I primarily seek to argue that technology, when harnessed correctly, can greatly increase a student’s desire to learn, which in my view is definitely one of the most crucial aspects of a student’s success. I believe that through the use of new media and technology,¬†educational material can be presented in meaningful and relevant ways to students who may have previously found school boring and uninteresting. Rather than viewing education and fun technology as incompatible, I think they can-and should-be used together in creating alternative methods of instruction.

But won’t the temptation to sneak on social media sites be distracting? With or without technology, will teachers ever find a riveting way to teach Shakespeare?


In the question of “to be, or not to be” a supporter of technology in the classroom, I personally choose “to be.” Through this blog, I hope to encourage others to view children’s media and technology as a field of study that deserves much attention for its potential to dramatically increase a child’s interest in education.


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